Raja Ampat, West Papua

Baliem Valley

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West-Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) lies between Australia and the equator in the Pacific Ocean. West Papua is the western half of the huge island of New Guinea. It is also the easternmost part of the Indonesian archipelago. West Papua is a fascinating land that is unique in the world. More than 400 distinct tribes and local languages are still in existence. Among them are the Asmat, Dani, Lani, Yali, Kimyal, Korowai-Kombi, Mek, Wano, Nduame, Lelome, Amungme, Kamoro, Bauzi, Demisa, Burate, Sentani, Kayupulau, Maybrat, Arfak, Ekari and many more tribes. Moreover, West Papua has spectacular flora and fauna, mountains and glaciers.

A really different tour guide in Papua

We offer tailor made treks to various tribes in the region and guarantee a life long memory and unique experiences. If you are interested in a short trip and introduction to the Baliem Valley culture or in a multi-day-trekking far out to the valley and the more remote villages, we can serve what you need is guaranteed.

We are a group of local tour guides in cultural-tour, Dani traditional bridge, Kilise village, Baliem valley trekking, Obia village, Syokosimo trekking, Sumpaima mr. Yali mabel. Jembatan kali baliem, Wamena-Dani tribe trekkingcentral Papua with extensive experience and knowledge about trekking in the Baliem Valley Dani tribe-5-days-4-nights-trek Lanny, Yali, Amungme, Una, Citak-mitak, Asmat:2-weeks to Korowai, lake Habema, lake Paniai, the Sentani lake region also the coastal area tribes For instance Raja-Ampat.

Five Reasons to contact us if you want to experience Papua:

1. We are Papuan Guides from Yali and other tribes and speak English fluently
2. We offer only personalized treks with small groups
3. We are the company! So no additional cost for middlemen or travel agents
4. We are committed to Eco Tourism: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos
5. Your satisfaction is guaranteed