About Us

My full name is Demi wasage but most people call me just Demi or Mac. I am Yali-Papuan, 34 years old and was raised in Yali region. I speak Yali language as my mother-tongue but can converse in Dani and Lani as well. My home is a remote village, east of the Dani tribe in the central highland of Papua. I have a bachelor degree in English and Literature from one of the best Papuan State Universities, English Department. Since I was in university, I have started working as a freelance tourist guide whenever possible. That’s why I know lot about Papua and the Baliem valley today and have gained quite some experience. After I finished my first university degree I continued my education in IALF- Bali (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation) and also there I continued working as an assistant guide and learned a lot from other experienced guides and travel agents.

I started this little business, because I wanted to establish one of the first “true Papuan” trekking agency, where I could continue showing my wonderful country to travelers and at the same time could work in a fair way with other Papuan guides, cooks, and porters.
I like trekking myself very much, because I am living up when it goes up and down the hills and I can see Papua with its natural beauty. I would like to contribute with my activities to preserve Papua and am therefore committed to Eco-tourism. We try to reduce rubbish during our treks, take everything we bring back to town. And we try to speak with the local people wherever we can to increase their knowledge and awareness. More over, I also finance Yali people who study English.

Our story-Indonesian Version

Trek-Papua Tours & Travel.,Ltd is the name of TRAVELING COMPANY based in Sentani, Jayapura-Papua. This travel agency established on December 1, 2009, which is engaged in serving and preparing tours for the domestic & international special interest tours such as: Expedition, adventure, trekking, research, day tours. In addition, we also provide general-purpose information such as public holiday conditions, airports, weather or seasons of a country, as well as tourist attractions that can be visited. Trek-Papua Tours & Travel agency is always holds customers’ trust and always tries to make customers satisfied with the services and services provided. We can help you vacation and visit the tourist attractions you want at affordable prices in Papua, West Papua & Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Hours of Operation 08.00am – 05.00pm
Out of office hours Please call +(62) 081247628708 (24 hours)
Address Jayapura-Papua-Indonesia
E-mail demi.wasage@gmail.com, trekpapua@gmail.com