Ethnic Photography Tour

Papua cultural Photography has been making spectacular imagery since 2009. Mac has begun the company in, specializing in weddings, portraiture and modeling portfolios.

Papua cultural Photography Ltd is based in West Papua.  It has a humid client in the wet months and is dry and windy in the dry season. West Papua has a naturally spectacular and extremely varied landscape.  From deep jungles and towering escarpments which are located in the Highlands Papua, to spectacular oceans and coastal areas off the Islands and coastal, such as Raja ampat region.

It can often be a harsh juxtaposition of opposites in West Papua, which results in many varied working environments and conditions. This, of course, leaves the photographic experiences and opportunities open and the diversity of assignments almost endless. One week Papua cultural Photography may be photographing 500 items for catalog work on behalf of an international client, the next can see a flurry of smaller more locally based portfolio portraits being taken.  Next may be photographing heavy drilling equipment in a gold mine or being located 3km’s deep into a mountain side mine shooting an electrical contractor. And the next could be living the island dream by updating resort photographs.

Every day in West Papua is an adventure to say the least. Papua cultural Photography is always on the move, thus her tag line, ‘Have camera, will travel!’.

Similar to an endless river of possibilities and scenarios, west Papua is constantly evolving and Papua cultural Photography flows right along with her, the people and the culture.

He has been photographing here since early 2009. Papua cultural Photography often describes my profession as his life, not my job or work.  His passion for the imagery he  make comes from a deep connection to the world around her, a fastidious eye to detail and knowing how to make just about anyone smile and feel at ease when they  are in front of the  camera

Papua cultural Photography looks forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with you, your team and your company.  We are proud to be able to offer you your only professional photographic solution in West-Papua.