Indigenous Melanesians

The island of New Guinea is the 2nd largest island in the world and is currently divided between two countries, Papua New Guinea to the east and Indonesia to the west. Most of the islands’ attention goes to the Papua New Guinea side, however here we are only talking about the Indonesian side.

The Indonesian side of the island of New Guinea is again divided into two provinces, West Papua and Papua. Although over the years they have gone through many names (formerly known as Irian Jaya).

Today we are only focusing on Papua and the Baliem Valley, as this is where the bulk of the trekking is.

How do i get to baliem valley?
The standard way goes like this. Once you enter Indonesia (Usually through Jakarta or Bali) you will fly to Jayapura, the capital of Papua. From Jayapura you can take a one-hour flight to Wamena. Wamena is where all your Baliem Valley treks start and finish.

What tribes are in the baliem valley?
The Baliem Valley is home to the Dani tribe. In the west is the home to the Lani tribes, and the east is the Yali tribes and (eventually) the Mek tribes. South of Baliem Valley you will find the Korowai, Kombai and Asmat.

Do i need a tour operator /tour guide?
Yes, tour operator / tour guide is highly needed where your trips are arranged well and going smoothly. Your tour operator will provide everything according to your needs and you will enjoy your trips as you wish.

Any recommended tour operator/ guide?
Yes, the most recommended tour operator is *Papua Paradise Tour  & Trek-Papua:* which is a local tour operators that operated by a local which mostly located in Papua and at the same time has been working as a local tour guide for years.

If those you travel lover who are interested to visit Papua and Baliem Valley , the different type of tours you may see & choose are ; trekking, cultural, historical places, bird Watching tour and many more activities that may suit for you.

Just feel free to contact us and tell us your idea what most suit for you, then we will arrange the tour as you wish.

Here are some West-Papuan highland photos

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