Papua, Korowai tribe

Departure: 09:00 a.m, Approx: 5-6 six hours trek.

Brief Information:

Two weeks trek to Yahukimo, Dekai, Mabul, Yaniruma, Korowai, Kombai, Dayo, Dabol, Ayan, Basman, Senggo, Achi, Jou, Amboref, and finally to the Asmat tribe to see the tree people and their houses. To reach these villages the tour is not as easy as other low land areas in Papua. The walk quite difficult, so previous experience of trecking is needed. However, there are no high mountains or hills. We will be walking in low land areas, which of course are muddy and slippery, and mostly wild jungle. You will need to bring walking Shoes, Socks, Sun block, Hat, Mosquitoes repellent and of course your Camera. Your heavy Pack backs, Food, and another luggage are Travel Agent staff responsibility.

So, let’s visit South East of Papua!

The Tour itinerary:

The tour will bring you to see the people who are wearing traditional clothes of wood bark. Here, the men are still wearing the wood bark to cover their penis, while women wear Sago palm leaves. They live in the trees about at heights of 5 to 15 meters. The roofs of the houses are covered by the wild Pandanus leaves or sago leaves. The staple food in low land areas is sago and Kus-Kus meat. Further information: In Korowai, Yaniruma, and around, they (local people) marry with the ex wife first, before they marry with a young lady/woman. Every year, they move from one place to another place once they harvest all the sago palm so, they live in one place around one or two years, then they move. The Asmat tribe is well known because of wood carving and the tour will also bring you to see these creative people with their wood carving, ornaments. This is a great place to get souvenirs of your trip to Papua.

What you can do with the local people:

The tour will enable you to experience and see directly how life is for the local people and if you still want more, you can experience hunting with the local people. You may stay overnight in the tree house to get the folk lore, folk songs, and eat what the local people eat and learn about their beliefs. You will be able to see how they survive in the jungle, and have the experience of sharing a wonderful dinner with all your new friends in the local huts/tree house (D).

How to get there:

There are two ways to South East. For the tour from Wamena or Timika we can charter a commercial/domestic airline: (AMA, Missionary flight or Trigana Air) to Ewer airfield.  After we arrive at Ewer, the tour charters the boat from Korowai to Mabul. Then the tour will go to Yapupla, Mangge, Lin, Dayo, Dambo, Gohoni, Heyanop, and Basman village. We will overnight depending on the distance we cover from one village to another village.

The areas are covered by the wild forest, while in this tour are places not often visited areas by the tourist and people are still living in the Stone Age. They still believe in supernatural power from their ancestors.