1 day mini adventure in Dani Region

Departure: 08:00 a.m (Approx. 08 hours)

Brief information:

You don’t need to bring you your heavy back pack. You just bring some entrance fee, one copy of travel permit/surat jalan, your camera, sun block, hats, and don’t forget to wear your shoes because some places are slippery and muddy. One guide, one porter to bring lunch box (s) if you are in group.

What you are going see:

This full day tour featuring Wosilimo to see most exciting and two kilometers cave which is called Gua Kontilola. The deeper the most darker, but no worries, there are lighters along the path. While walking, you will see so many cave bats are hanging on the wall after you passed one kilo meter. Here is one of the exiting places to see and the other some local huts out of it. It continues to Kurulu district to see the 250 years old Mummy. After take some photos, you’ll cross 250 meters, to see the chief called nopase Yali with his compound. He’s one of chief who has 11 wives. The more information; you will see the spy tower on the path to chief huts. It was made of wood to spy enemies who come to kill them, or steal pigs in nopase Yali compound. All the huts are covered by the fence like Balinese people with its compound, but in Dani the hedge are made of wood on the top covered by the savanna/grasses.

Afterwards it will go up to salt water lake. It takes almost 2 hours walk, but depends on how strong are the climber. Here is previous experience needed because little bit up and down hills. But it is part of exercise and makes your body healthier or The trekking is “medium” in difficulty and requires good physical conditions of the trekkers. Even though it is little bit far, the exiting one are that you’ll see down the Baliem valley and the Wamena town from the top of the hill, many kinds of flowers, for instance: orchids, wild sun flowers, and many others there.

What the local people do:


Long time ago until today, the Dani people bring the banana steams, leaves and submerged in the pond. After that they put them in the huts (fire place) until it takes 2-4 months. Then the sell (barter) among the local people or to the relatives, but sometimes they put on the steam (’sani’ traditional way of cooking). Addition Especially for culture enthusiasts! It’s most touch full, if you sleep one day or more with the local people in the huts to learn the way of life, folklore, traditional songs (etai), their believe and whatever you wished to know in the Dani-the paradise valley.

Then it drives to Suroba and Dugum village. We will cross the x traditional bridge to reach these two villages. You will see long hut for kitchen and the pigs are inside. There are two or more fire places inside the long huts. You will see some local plants called ‘saik’ (local word) or which called pandants sp.

Extra charge:

If you want to see directly the mock war or tribal war, they will present it to you. In this event, the women with the festival decoration, the man with its long spears, arrows. But we’ve to charge.