Baliem valley tour Program

In Brief:

Baliem Valley Tour Program
Duration: 04 Days/03 Nights
Mini participants: two persons

In the central mountain of Irian Jaya (before Now Papua), lies a grand valley with 72 km long and 16 – 31 km wide, inhabited by Neolithic warrior and farmer, the Dani Tribes and other sub tribes of Yali and Lani with their complex and primitive cultures, which looks more like “stone age” cultures.

We will take you to experience an exciting adventure by exploring the Baliem Valley and the unique, primitive traditions and way of life of the tribes who live in the valley.

Baliem valley itself is located in Wamena regency in Irian Jaya, West Papua which is well known as the home of the Dani tribe. This valley has been the most visited part of the island, especially in recent years. The Dani Tribe speak related Papuan, or non – Austronesia language and live in the high central range of Papua Island, the most eastern province of Indonesia.

Until the last decades the Dani tribes were some of the most isolated populations by swamps and mountains. They grew root crops, raised pig and used polished stone axes and adzes. They didn’t make pottery (which means “sign of the modernity”), but otherwise their technology was very much like that of the Neolithic of the Old and New Worlds.

There may be 250,000 Dani Tribe living in the central mountains, many live scattered among the steep mountain slopes. The Baliem Valley has one of the highest densities of population in Papua Province. The Dani Tribe build their huts in a compound nicely express both environmental adaptation and Dani’s character. The men’s and women’s huts have thick thatched roofs which keep rain, yet retain the heat from the earth, along with just enough smoke to discourage the mosquito. The temperatures of the highland are ranged from 26 degrees Celsius at the day time and 12 degrees at night.


Day 01: 

ARRIVAL JAYAPURA – WAMENA – Northern Baliem valley (L,D)

Upon arrival in Sentani Airport of Jayapura, meet  for your direct connect flight  by  Trigana Air  leaving for Wamena at ETD 10:00. Arrive at Wamena airport transfer to Baliem Pilamo hotel for check in and a short briefing by guide about the trip. Lunch is served at hotel restaurant. After lunch explore Aikima and Suroba of Baliem valley, Along the way you will find the Danis working in their sweet potatoes fields and will see their daily activities. Arrive at Suroba, walk through the pine forest, and enjoy the beautiful nature setting and crossing a bridge over Aike River before you arrive at the main road where the car is waiting for you. We will hike in 2-3 hours through the beautiful countryside and traditional houses of Dani people. Afternoon drive back to Wamena. Dinner and accommodation at Baliem Pilamo Hotel.

After breakfast at the hotel, 40 minutes drive to Jiwika village, walk 20 minutes to the village of Sumpaima to view the 250 years old Mummy. From Sumpaima walk another 10 minutes to the nearby village of Anemoigi to enjoy the traditional  dance  by Dani Tribe. You will see and experience the local culture and have an opportunity to interact with local villagers while you can buy their handicraft as your souvenir. Before return to Wamena you still have chance to visit Waga-Waga village to explore Contilola cave which can be reach 15 minutes by car.  Afternoon drive back to Wamena for dinner at a local restaurant in town accommodation at Baliem Pilamo Hotel.

Breakfast at hotel, transfer to the airport for your flight by leaving for Jayapura. Upon your arrival at Sentani airport of Jayapura, transfer to your hotel for check in. Continue with a sightseeing visit Mc. Arthur war memorial, Boating to Sentani lake to visit Sentani Tribe in Asei Island, lunch is served at Local Restaurant nearby the Lake.  If is time still available  we offer you to swim to the beautiful beach of Base G. transfer to the Sentani Indah hotel for your dinner and overnight.

Day 04 : DEPARTURE (B)
After breakfast at your hotel, transfer to the airport leaving Jayapura for  the next destinations. Ori Sce: Easter Indonesia tour.

Cultural Tour & Photography-Baliem Valley, Papua
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