Mek tribe trekking

In brief:

The tour begins with an early breakfast in the hotel in Wamena. Then transfer to the missionary  airfield and flight to Kona.  The flight takes 25 minutes. After arriving in Kona we  stay one night in a missionary house or in a local hut/teachere house or priest house. The next day the  trek leads you to Langda – an approximately 5  hours walk. It’s a walk deeper in the wild jungle called “Monggana forest”  near the Puldama village. There is a wild blue pond in the middle of the jungle and a lot of wild wolf sounds can be heard on the way. On day 2-3, the tour leads to Bomela village, a place where the people make real  stone axes. The tour continues to Seradala, Emdomen, Samboga. Day 4-5 we explore the areas around Oksibil and hike upwards to the Telambela mountain.  At night we stay on the top of the mountain. You can enjoy a very nice view and it’s a good time for bat hunting in the Singalo cave with the local people. All villages have the same tradition on the death. The body of a recently died person is covered by young banana leaves and put on a fire place. If we are lucky, we can see the medicine men pray to the polish a traditional Balsam that is lubricated on the death body before putting the corpse on the fire. This is very sacral to them, but they allow us to watch it. Let’s visit and explore this area, welcome!

Another tour package  in the same region offering 5 days trek. The tour begins with an early breakfast in the Assey cottage-close the Lake Sentani, Jayapura.

The itinerary list:

If you want to visit the most less visited area in west-Papua, here is the tour program for you. To get here, you have to charge the AMA/Merpati flight.

Arrival in Jayapura at with Lion Air or Then, Continue Flight to Oksibil with Merpati Air. Arrive at Oksibi air-trip, short transfer to teacher house for check-in, then visiting villages around with good panoramic of Oksibil Valley, then down to Pungale  village to see the traditional hanging bridge and Oksibil villages compaund. Lunch have at a teacher house. After lunch, visit traditional Stone Age village. Afternoon return to teacher house-overnight-teacher/priest house.

DAY 02: OKSIBIL – OKBIBAB (Pig feast & dance) – OKBIBAB (B,L,D)
After breakfast, walk to Okbibab passing Punggale village-5 hours keep walking to Okbibab.  Then walk 10 minutes tovillage ofUliama, where you can view the Okbibab Mock battle and Pig feast. Here you will see how the Okbibab make fire traditionally, kill a pig with bow and arrow and cook them into the hot-burned stone with vegetables and sweet potatoes. Lunch box will be provided. After lunch climb the salt pool where salt pool exist on top of Mili mountain or visit thecave ofSahalo . Afternoon back to priest house for overnight and stay.

Today we drive 6 hours  to  pinihi village (near Palema) in the west of Luluwe valley. Then start to have a day trek for about 4-5 hours thru Dani sweet potatoes gardens and cross hanging bridge over Oksibil river. Along the trail you will meet local people with friendly smile in their life style and enjoy the good scenery as well. Lunch box will be provided. After trek 4-5 hours you will arrive at Punuhi village and another walk 2 hours to your teacher house.

After breakfast at priest house, get flight back to Jayapura. Arrive at Jayapura, short transfer to hotel then driving 1,5 hour to Depapre district, here you may do for snorkeling and relax in the good beach. Grilled fishes will be served for lunch. Afternoon back to hotel.

Morning transfer to airport for your flight Back to Bali WITH GARUDA.