Yali hanging bridges

In Brief:

The Yali people were real cannibal in the North East of Wamena-Middle highland rain forest island-West Papua before 1970 around, but now there is no mock war happaning and never happen again the among the tribes in Yali Mek, Kona, Gilika, and the Paluke tribe, So amazingly save place ever to visit!! It takes 5 days to reach the Yali tribe, but some times it takes more days but depend on you. If you like to experience to see the real Stone-Ages people, traditional huts, traditional bridges, here is the  place!

What we are going to see:

In Piliam, near the poronggoli missionary Air field is the good place to visit, because people are still keep their “Tifa” or they called it “Waruk”, something from their ancestors. I cannot explain this word mean here because it is secret, but they allow you to see it. They allow you to enter seat in the hut with the local groups who are studying in the man big hut.They always pray for this. Not only that, you also going to see the traditional school in this village. Here, they allow you to join with them (local young children) but you are not allowed you to pray until the end of the ceremony-in the very huge traditional hut. The tour continues to Sali and Panal village. Here is little bit up and down hills. But no worries the nature sounds make your spirit goes more strength. 4-5 hours walk, and then arrive in Poik village. You are going to see the Yahuli waterfall-Overnight stay. The next day the tour continues to Pong village. Well here so far distance to reach. You possibly overnight stay in the jungle, be honest it is so far to reach the village. Terribly colder area, and at night you are going to  watch the Kus-Kus, and so many wild life around come and cross in front of you.

What we can do:

After 6 days reach the Yali deeper region, you can stay a day in Pong village. Near the Brown River called “Ik Habie”. Good place to have a pig feast. The pig price much cheaper then Dani-Wamena town, so good chance to have a pig feast with the local people and end it up with the tribal war songs. The next day the tour continue to Apahapsili, and finally in Elelim district.